patient 123

Today, I came across a story that is not very comfortable. I can't find a patient with myopia or call it a patient. I forgot to think about it. Looking for a short-sighted person, in fact, they have a very good life. It's not much different to us, it's just that visual defects are like that, but to some people it seems to be very insulting to myopic people. Some of them are joking as if it's a joke. They sing for fun without considering the hearts of those who listen to the people they are, so it's up to us that we may have fun. But it can hurt someone's heart, which is not a good thing if someone waits for us like that, the feeling that we don't like, other people don't like it. Others of us have the idea that, like us, loving someone is a terrible thing and you shouldn't be fooling someone in this world even if they have more inferiority points than you.

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